Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cosmoprof 2011 - CND Shellac

So at this point, I'm sure that 99.99999% of you have heard of the wonder product from CND called Shellac. I'm not here to introduce it to you. I'm here to PROVE it to you! As you may know, Shellac's claim to fame is that it is scratch-resistant, smudge-proof, etc. for 2 weeks! I have to say, I was skeptical. I knew that I had to put it to the test...normal nail polish rarely lasts a few hours on me before I see tip wear. Yes, yes, yes, I'm one of those girls that do bad things to their nails, I've even been known to use my nail as a screwdriver. Yes, I know. I tell you this so you can fully comprehend the awesomesaucenosity that is Shellac.

The proof is in the pictures....

The new Shellac colors!

The superstar of the new Shellac colors - Zillionaire, a flakey!

Day 1. 
On the thumb, Kristina did a cool technique where she cured the Shellac like normal, then buffed the shine off it, then added small droplets of Shellac top coat, then cured it, which looked like water droplets!

On the ring finger of each hand, she did black glitter 
(which was my idea, but it didn't really show up *sadface*)

Day 15.
I didn't get a chance to take a picture on Day 14. See how much it's grown out?!  NUTS!  I have to admit, I was getting stir crazy with it on so long. As you can see, it is actually still in REALLY good shape. There is a crack on the thumb nail, but that is where I accidentally bent my nail when packing some boxes, so it's my fault. 

Minor tipwear. 

Some tip wear, and some minor chips (which happened on Day 14) 
Bear in mind this is my dominant hand, so it gets abused the most. 

The removal process.
The removal process was super easy - just had to soak the pad of the removal wrap with acetone, then apply it pretty much like a band-aid, wait 10 minutes, and it comes off really easily.

Bandaged hand!!

WHAT?!  Look who I got to meet!
I got the chance to meet the artistic genius behind the CND Fashion week nails, co-founder and style director of CND, the fabulous Jan Arnold... and get this, she knows my blog!! *dies*

Overall, I was exceptionally impressed with Shellac. It wore strong through all 14 (15) days with only minor tip wear, even with how hard I am on my nails. The only downside I see of it is that I got bored with the color after a few days, and my nails grow so fast that the space created by the growth was distracting. Fun fact though, you CAN paint over Shellac, and remove it with Non-Acetone remover, and it won't damage the finish at all!

Are you as impressed with CND Shellac as I was?


  1. They look really awesome! My major complaint with shellac is that the majority of the techs don't have the knowledge to do the cool effects like the raindrops. I wish there was more tech training!

  2. Got to agree - the biggest reason I never did it is because the techs around here don't know how to get fancy w/it! But yours came out bada$$

  3. I've had the shellac done before for weddings and such when perfect nails are a must. I loved how indestructible it is and I agree that the only downside is the growth which is distracting.

    And as stated above... the nail techs in this area are also very limited on skills. You know it's bad when you go in for a pedi and everyone that works in the salon starts fawning over my own free-handed nail designs like they're an original Pablo Picasso. It's just sad, lol.

  4. I've gotten it done before, and I love the fact that it doesn't scratch or mess up. However, I got bored with the color quickly and change it

  5. My nails must be ridiculously porous because I had chipping and lifting after 4 days :(

  6. I can't remember if you're a Dr. Who fan but your thumbnails with the dots make me think of daleks. Awesome! ;)

  7. I'm really in love with the idea of the shellacs. Can't wait to try them!!

  8. I can usually wear shellacs (Gelish brand) for 3 weeks with no obvious wear. With the new brands appearing (Daisy and ???), I find they're cracking and chipping MUCH sooner. So brand has a LOT to do with durability.

    But polish last, literally, less than 10 min before chipping on my fingernails. So I was thrilled when I found shellacs and have been wearing them ever since!

  9. Wow. I would looove to have this done but the grow out would kill me lol.

  10. I paint mine so often I would get bored. It is an awesome concept tho.

  11. Just tried it for the first time yesterday and the supposed scratch resistant nail polish has scratched in less than 24 hours and all I did was watch movies and sort laundry...disappointed

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