Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cosmoprof 2011 - China Glaze Preview!

Warning: VERY picture heavy! 

At Cosmoprof this year, I got the chance to check out all the awesome new stuff from one of my favorite nail polish brands, China Glaze! Luckily, I was lucky enough to be allowed to take photos, and I'm sharing them with you today!

There are SO many awesome collections coming up!  Let's start with Halloween!

There are 6 colors for Halloween:

Goulish Glow- A glow in the dark polish
Black Crackle- a black crackle
Crimson - a vampy blackened wine red
Near Dark - a swampy blackened green
Haunting- Black with silver sparkle
It's Alive- Swampy olive with multi-sized glitter

OMG I want 'It's Alive' SO badly!

Now let's take a look at Holiday - Watch out - there are TONS of Gift Sets!!

The holiday colors include: 

Velvet Bow - crimson creme
Winter Berry - bright red creme
Ring in the Red - red glitter - multi-sized glitter particles
Poinsettia - warmer bright red creme
Twinkle Lights - gold, green, and red glitter mix
Champagne Bubbles - golden yellow shimmer
Holly-Day - bright green creme
Glittering Garland - shimmering evergreen - is this what it's all a-'bough'-t?
Blue Year's Eve - Royal Blue Shimmer
Tinsel Town - Gunmetal glitter - multi-sized glitter particles
Icicle - silver metallic 
Snow Globe - iridescent white glitter - multi-sized glitter particles


Some of my favorites from the collection:

China Glaze Ring in the Red

China Glaze Snow Globe
China Glaze Tinseltown
China Glaze Twinkle Lights

Phew! That was A LOT of Holiday!  Awesome stuff, right?! I'm totally LOVING Tinseltown and Twinkle Lights the most!

Now for the non-holiday collections, get prepared to have your socks knocked off!!

First stop is ELECTROPOP!  Inspired by Gaga, the colors are bright and fun!

The colors in Electropop include:

Kinetic Candy - pale blue creme
Electric Beat - sky blue creme
Aquadelic - aqua creme
Gaga for Green - grass green creme
Sunshine Pop - yellow shimmer
Make Some Noise - red-orange creme
Wicked Style - pink-based red creme
Fuchsia Fanatic - Fuchsia creme
Gothic Lolita - Purple with blue/purple shimmer
Dance Baby - bubblegum pink creme
Sweet Hook - lilac-y pink creme
Techno - silver glitter with large hex holographic glitter

And the collection I think that I am the MOST excited to get my hands on...

EYE CANDY! Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, this collection of glitters is bound to be a girl's best friend. 

Colors/Glitters in the Eye Candy collection include: 

Blond Bombshell - gold  - multi-sized glitter particles
Love Marilyn - Red & silver  - multi-sized glitter particles
Material Girl - pale & darker pink  - multi-sized glitter particles
Marry a Millionaire - purple & multi-colored  - multi-sized glitter particles
Some Like it Haute - Gunmetal and iridescent - multi-sized glitter particles
Lorelei's Tiara - silver & teal  - multi-sized glitter particles

PHEW!  Did you make it this far?  Are you as thrilled for the upcoming collections from China Glaze as I am?  A lot of these colors are really freaking awesome!!  I swear I started drooling a little when I saw the Eye Candy Collection, and when I saw the Halloween set with the glow-in-the-dark polish and black crackle I kicked myself for not thinking of that before! lol

What is YOUR favorite upcoming collection? Is there a specific color you especially love and have to have?


  1. ooh you got some great close up shots! love :)

  2. Wow! A lot of these are seriously yummy. That's a whole lotta nail goodness coming our way.

  3. i'm dying these pictures are so great. yay!

  4. oh my goodness gracious! I just added so many ChG nail polishes to my wishlist! lol That was some ChG porn I tell you.

  5. Oh Snow Globe looks lemm-worthy!

  6. CRYING AT THIS!! lol for my wallet and all the beauties!!

    Also best pics from cosmoprof
    I've seen!!

  7. Fabulous pictures, thanks for sharing! There are going to be so many awesome colors coming out soon. Wallets are going to weep, I can't wait!

  8. My Xmas list is going to be sooo long after all these!

  9. GREAT photos!!!
    Twinkle Lights, Snow Globe and Tinseltown are so perfect!
    :D Thank you!!!

  10. I am looking forward to Awakening (from which I want to get Ghoulish Glow and It's Alive) and Let It Snow (from which I want to get Snow Globe and Ring In The Red). Electropop didn't excite me as much as I thought it would and Eye Candy is just too much glitter for my nails to take.

  11. I'd *love* to get my hands on the Eye Candy collection. Especially "Marry a millionaire" and "Marilyn"!

  12. i really want the Eye Candy collection!! i've been on a glitter kick lately, and i can't get enough of the sparkly goodness!

  13. China Glaze is my favorite brand. I was drooling as I scrolled through those pictures.

    I'm gonna have to get a 2nd job to pay for all the polishes I want from these collections!

  14. Oh my, looks like I'm up to some serious shopping... Somehow I'm still in the summer mood, at least I think that's why the Electropop collection caught my eye immediately. And the Let it snow -sparkles... and... :)

  15. I just got "It's Alive" from the haunting collection, and it is EVERYTHING you want it to be, and more!!!! I immediately put it on over my existing mani (which was RBL Concrete Jungle, another love) and it was almost opaque in one sparkly green coat! The light gray emanating from the CJ underneath did take some of the green 'sting' out, though. It has the most beautiful olive-gold-glowy-bright-swamp-monster depth. And I am ALL ABOUT glowy-bright-swamp-monster depth!!! Can't wait to try it alone AND over different green bases- it is so intense and pretty that I am going to get backups for sure- I don't EVER want to be without this polish. Yes, it is THAT awesome.

  16. I have a professed love for ChG too and I cannot wait for these come out now! I've seen some pics here and there from these collections, but you just gave us the motherload! Yes!!!!!

  17. wow, so many pretty collections! I def want snow globe!