Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Layla Magneffect Polishes

I had the pleasure of attending the International Beauty Show again this year here in Vegas, and trust me, it didn't disappoint! I found some amazing polishes, crackles and gel polishes seemed to be the trend, but the Layla booth featured something I've been lemming for ages—MAGNETIC POLISH!  As you may (or may not) know, essence cosmetics released some magnetic polishes in Europe, but they didn't seem to make their way over here to the states. Imagine my excitement when I met the lovely ladies at the Layla booth - even the creator! I was literally shaking so bad from excitement over finally having magnetic polish within my reach that I couldn't even get it to work! lol (I couldn't hold the magnet still!)

Anyway, they were gracious enough to send me home with a couple to try out - and I have to say - I'm completely enamored. Yes, it did take me a while to get the hang of it, so I could produce the bold stripes at similar diagonal angles, but once I did.... there's no stopping me - I want more!  My favorite thing (besides the magnetic awesomeness) is that the magnet is actually on the top of the lid - no need to buy a separate one, which is nice! (and, the magnet features a printed stripe to tell you what direction the stripes will go!)

They said that they plan on debuting these in the US at CosmoProf this year, so keep an eye out after that!!

Olivey-gold metallic (magnetic)

Love this color. It's such a nice twist on gold. I love the green-y hue of it! Applied nicely, but I had to paint 2 coats before I used the magnet to create the design. This color sort of reminds me of a tiger eye stone. SO pretty. 

Opacity scale (1-5): 2.25

Use for Konad: Might be an ok stamping polish, but why would you want to waste its magnetic awesomeness when you can't use the magnet after it's stamped?

Finish: Magnetic, metallic, 2 coats.

Teal blue metallic (magnetic)

Another great color - I love that it isn't a typical gold or silver metallic magnetic polish. This polish was much more opaque than Gold Nugget. Very sparkly!

Opacity scale (1-5): 3

Use for Konad: Might be an ok stamping polish, but why would you want to waste its magnetic awesomeness when you can't use the magnet after it's stamped?

Finish: Magnetic, metallic, 1-2 coats.

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by the manufacturer for review. 


  1. Melissa this is so cool!! i want them now!!

  2. These are so pretty! I don't know which I like more... Thanks for the swatches!


  3. Wowzers! I must have them now. Fabulous!

  4. Is the polish completely dry when u put the magnet above it? So cool! I think I have seen this polish on EBay. Don't know if it's the same brand or not but it was magnetic.
    Thx for sharing

  5. Oh, my, the turquoise one is divine! Have you checked out the LCN magnetic nail polish? They sell the magnets separately, but you can get one with a cute star pattern.

  6. I've been dying for magnetic polish. ahhh!

  7. Those do look awesome! Can't wait to be able to buy them!!! They do look like cat's eye stones, love them!

  8. :O The things they do with nail polish... It's so cool!!! Although... is it safe? Haha

  9. Dear lord, where do I get my hands on those!?!?

  10. Love this polish, got some today! The instructins suck! I am glad you explained how to get the sweet diagonal lines! I spend so much time on my nails to make them stand out....this polish did all the work for me!