Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finger Paints Winter Dreams Holiday Collection! (Preview)

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Just a quick preview image of the upcoming Finger Paints Holiday collection!! 6 New colors!

Mulberry Madness, Merry Mittens, Holly Good Times, Winter Wishes, Mistletoe Mischief, Just Plum Fun

Winter Dreams Holiday Collection

In stores and online starting November 2010, $4.99 each

Click on the picture to see a ginormous full-sized image that shows all the glittery kickass-ness!

LOVING these!! (especially the glitters!!)


  1. They are already at my Sally Beauty Supply! I just posted a post on the two I got.

  2. I want Merry Mittens! And I saw that ND just said they were already at her Sallys. That's not a good thing (for me).

  3. *gets on knees*
    Please Lawd don't let Mistletoe Mischief and Just Plum Fun be dupes for Evergreen Dream and Icy Iris, respectively. Amenz.

    Okay having said that little prayer, these look promising. Fingerpaints' LE Collections are always so good. Although that Holly Good Times is looking suspiciously like Sally Hansen's Golden Ticket.

  4. If only Finger Paints will be available here :(

  5. I'll just have to marry (merry) them all. I'm in love!

  6. Rins can you order from amazon or ebay?

  7. Mistletoe Mischief looks gorgeous!